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Information Based Architecture
(IBA) was set up in London in 1998 as a partnership between architects Mark Hemel and Barbara Kuit. In a relatively short time the practice has made fame by winning some of the most prestigious international competitions among which the competition for the world's tallest TV tower in Guangzhou, China (now under construction). for Mark Hemel and Barbara Kuit scale of a project is not the issue. They find it most important to be allowed to do a high quality job. Barbara is particularly interested in the social and human related side of their work, while Mark likes to develop the form and structure in a way that is functional, efficient and environmentally friendly. If they have to name a speciality they would say that their practice is good at being flexible, and always ready to adapt to different circumstances. This is perhasp the reason why a lot of their work is done in Africa and Asia. It's highly talented international workforce is open to new oppotunities. The practise performance-based approaches puts it in an ideal position to deal with complex program or complex sites. For it's designs, the practice makes use of the latest digital technology and presentation techniques; ranging from the latest software scripts, to photo realistic rendering, to 3D rapid prototype printing.

IBA can be typified as both 'experimentaL' and 'progressive'. It constantly attempts to extend the boundaries of artistic design, while also introducing the newest digital technologies. IBA was therefore also short listed in 2002 for the Young Architects of the Year Award in the United Kingdom. And received several endorsement grants from the Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture.

Currently based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, with a subsidiary in Guangzhou, IBA continues its work on both large and small projects in Europe and Asia. It's full portfolio embracing all scales, ranging from urban master planning to architecture, private houses, and furniture design.