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In our studio we work with digital tools and physical tools equally. We work with State of the Art digital tools since we believe that particularly digital information will in the future play a more and more important role in the control in the development towards automated fabrication processes.

We use lasercutting and Rapid Prototyping to swiftly get physical scalemodels of our concepts.

In order to have a smooth design process is is critical to test and challenge ideas physically, in order to fully understand the spatiality and environmental implications. We therefore do various physical tests in which we develop aspects of lighting and materiality.

IBA's contributors -

Patty LuiNate KolbeStefan AllRoumpini Makridou
Howard ChungCamille MauryAna CastilloKelvin Chu Ka Wing
Xiaolan LinTim den DekkerAnna SchepperLinjie Wang
Eva PrelovsekDaniel SchiffelersMoe EkapobDave Morison
Max KahlenPil Won KimMiro SurkaDiana Ileckova
Teresa Hernandez MolinaEduardo Ramirez SabaterRuben Ruiz RodriguezLaura Solbes Llido
Bea Gracia Ferrials