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Complexity Process Information Potential

potential - We develop our projects in a way that we not only exploit latent potential in the existing site or context, but that the process of the project produces potential itself. Theoretical topics are the cross fertilizing driving forces that highlight the potential of one element in one particular context to be used as something else in another context. For example; the theoretical idea of scalelessness, understood as continuity of concept through scale, provides a whole realm of intrinsic potential. 'Small' as the breeding-ground for ideas that could be projected onto the 'large', and 'large' seen as a laboratory for ideas that again are being looped back to the 'small', both scales benefiting from this cross-relationship. Another contributor to the unveiling of potential is the structure of the process itself; the idea of sequential accumulation and the fact of having only a limited set of parameters keeps the process transparent. Then as a third contributor to potential there is the gathering of thoughts and the construction of theory as a text. Looking at the work of our practise, not just within the boundaries of each particular brief but in a wider context, gives us an additional opportunity to lubricate the process of cross fertilization.