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Inhabitable structure -
The museum is laid out as a horizontal box that functions simultaneously as a roof covering the precious 2000 year old garden below , while it also provides space for the museum to inhabit. The depth of the structure necessary to span the 40 m wide span is this way efficiently used, so that the minimum of interventions at foundation-level are required that would disturb the geological ground.

Three museum routes -
The museumÕs circulation is organized into separate routes; each route through the museum tells a different story of one particular period of the various dynasties. The main path is the Nan-Yue-brook-path. Following this path one flows like a river through the museum, winding from left to right.

archeolologist at work -
In addition to the museum routes there is one fourth route that focuses on the archeologists at work. It specifically leads along all the work spaces, and shows and explains what various stages of work archeology entails. It shows the care that is being taken for gathering the information about history.