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The Competition -
competition for a new museum for contemporary Art in Shenzen , China
The complex consists of a 80,000 square meters building with 19,600 square meters of Exhibition Halls.

The Concept -
The proposed building is a finely crafted dome positioned around the Art-works inside in order to protect them from the elements, in the same way that a conservatory protects and nurtures young plants. The porous dome gives space and protection to the Art within, in order to nurture and be a catalizer for creativity to germ. The perforated concrete dome is build out of 3000 same size concrete hexagonal tubes of varying depth that are all directed towards the Northern sky. Because of their angle and depth these 'skylights' filter out most of the direct sunlight, and instead help to reflect more indirect natural light into the space below.

Shape -
The shape of the dome was generated from a rectangular base through means of a hanging model, so to create a large span space where predominantly pressure forces exist.