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Audiovisual Lab Leipzig, Germany - shortlisted competition entry-
The Leipzig Academy of Visual Arts organised this international two stage competition to develop an Audivisual Lab; a centre for art students working with new media, within the boundaries of the existing academy. We were selected as one of 20 teams, out of an initial 150 international applicants, to submit a design in the second stage of the competition.
Our proposal consists of a fluid surface which adapts to its environment, creating links between the existing departments, while giving space to workstations, control-rooms and internet facilities. By both subtly filtering out information of the environment, and simultaneously making this environment receptive to consciously intended information, our proposal consists of a pleated surface, which structures the space, and dissolves any potential distracting features from outside. 'Ambient media', is produced through data-projections onto an added layer of translucent fabric screens, for the purpose of teaching, cross-pollination between student work, presentations or exhibitions. This creates a continuous interaction of work in progress between the media lab and the rest of the school, in the existing building.

design-team:Mark Hemel
Barbara Kuit

structure:Cormac Deavy:Ove Arup & Partners; Consulting Engineers
Benedikt Schleicher: Ove Arup & Partners; Consulting Engineers
services:Christian Topp: Ove Arup & Partners; Consulting Engineers