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Hoofddorp, the Netherlands; housing & facilities - feasibility study
The area of study is a strip of land of 3km by 400m, 'the IJtocht Zone' at the western edge of Hoofddorp, in the Netherlands. The brief consists of 255 residential units in both medium- and expensive sector, with 15.500 square meters of facilities such as schools, nurseries and sportfacilities.

Edge City
According to the American journalist Joel Garreau, an edge city is a city with more then 5 million square feet of rentable office space, with at least 600.000 square feet of retail-area and with more jobs than beds, moreover a city which is looked upon as an urban complex by the local community, but which consisted mainly of arable land thirty years ago. Edge City, according to Garreau, is the workshop of the informationage - an area with the fastest growing number of jobs in information technology, transport distribution and logistics, in business and commercial services. To date, Edge Cities attract more car traffic then the downtown areas of the main cities. For those that wish to escape from the suburban districts, and long for a spacious self owned house with large garden, a decent job locally, a car in front, a shopping mall within reach, and excellent amenities at walking distance, these offer an excellent alternative.
They are the cumulating areas of the nouveau riche, the emancipation territories of the future.