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concept description
Working with the Groot-Haarlemmermeer water-management, water levels continually increase and decrease over time. The varying water levels make the landscape change continually and one can experience several types of water landscape.
In summer, when there is a greater demand for external surfaces and there is generally less rain, water levels drop to reveal events such as football-, basketball- and tennisfields, and scenic footpaths. In winter when water levels rise agian, a totally new water-landscape is created; these surfaces will submerge in water, some of which sufficiently shallow to ensure freezing of a thin layer of ice suitable for ice skating.
In addition, water levels can rise after heavy rainfall, and in parts of the site, the sectional interventions are shaped so that water levels are maintained throughout the year, and effectively become more of a waterpark.

So, seasonally the site will change from a green surface landscape with a range of events on different levels and few small ponds, to a water site with shallow and deep waters with various water-events.