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Groningen Oosterhamrik-strip, the Netherlands, housing & business - feasibility study
The study-area is part of a wider strip in between the edge of Groningen and its suburb-cities, an area consisting of two typical zones.
The outer zone consists of industry, separated from the suburbs by the ring-road-system around the city, and by the Van Starkenborgh canal on the other side.
The inner zone, being part of the 1928 development plan by Berlage, consists of the typical residential districts separated by narrow industrial strips along canals that radiate from central-Groningen.
The site is located right at the outer edge of this inner zone. An area 'in between': not having the quality of urbanity; as the facilities, the entertainment, the density, the access-to-everything close by, or the aliveness, - but also not having the quality of the suburbs; as the serenity, the ample garden, the primary schools.